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a good friend asked that i update my blog soon... so here i am. i REALLY miss blogging- i miss trying new crafts and recipes so much. however, there is a little something called student teaching that is taking up my ENTIRE life. so instead of making fun new foods and crafts i am writing lesson plans and writing a 30 page teacher writing sample. but i must add- I LOVE TEACHING. i have never been more excited to wake up in the morning and start my day. i have learned more than i could have ever imagined and i love my students more than you know. it's definitely hard and takes a lot of patience and work but more than worth it.
although i don't have time to try lots of fun new things i still read about them. if you haven't ever picked up a copy of the magazine "real simple" YOU SHOULD. it's incredible. i received an email about "the A-Z ingredients guide" from real simple and i have really enjoyed reading through it.
check it out:
i promise to be back soon.

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  1. Now that you have your own home, I really hope you start making things again this summer. Pretty please?!?